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Steeped in the charming old Hong Kong’s history, The Pottinger Hong Kong, a 68-room luxury hotel situated in the city’s first historic stone slab street, welcomes visitors to experience the dynamic and vibrant neighbourhood of Central.

The Pottinger Hong Kong is where East meets West, where Modernity meets Heritage.

Rising on the uphill elevation of the Pottinger Street, The Pottinger Hong Kong is centrally located in the heart of Central, a pivotal hub of business and finance, shopping, dining, culture and entertainment.

Radiating from its front portal, The Pottinger Hong Kong has been adorned by a collection of specialty street stalls, paving a heritage landscape of a classic elegance of Hong Kong.

To ascend or descend further on The Pottinger Hong Kong, one can discover other intriguing scenes of century-old tenement buildings, stylish and upscale international and local labels, all lined up within the ease of a pleasant stroll.

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